W ords Parishioners Applaud, Support and Act On

Hosted by George Miller
  Corporate Writer/Consultant  
Author of The Catholic Lector, The Uncommon Lector and
God Is My CFO

Questions for You...
The more I know about your church or organization, the better I'll convey your voice the way you want your audiences to hear it... Look over these questions. Then contact me and let's talk.
About Your Church or Organization:

  • What products and services do you offer?
  • What markets and demographics do you serve?

  • Who are your ideal members, stakeholders, constituents
  • Your size/structure (national, regional, local)

  • Your licenses, credentials, certifications
Your Brand:

  • ​​ Who are you? What's Your Story? 

  • What is your church's or organization's persona? How is it perceived in your markets? 

  • How are you distinguished in the marketplace?

  • In what unique ways do you serve your audiences? 
  • ​What impact do you make on their lives?

  • What makes your staff eager to come to work? 
  • In what ways of helping people do they get enjoyment and satisfaction?
  • What's the stuff inside your people that makes them special… their hearts, souls, God-given talents?

Your Marketing:
  • Describe your marketing steps. What is your process?
  • What are your communication channels for both ongoing market contact and new prospect outreach?

How Can I Help You?
What marketing and communication projects are going on in your church or organization right now?
What are your project objectives?
What are your biggest project challenges?
How do you measure your results?
About Your Content:

  • What are your content goals?

  • Who's your ideal audience? What are their personas?

  •  On what channels do you deliver your content? Where do your audiences hang out online?
  • What are your  objectives for each platform or channel?
  • What sources do you have for sustaining a consistent flow of good content?
  • What editorial standards do you have in place?
  • What challenges do you face in developing fresh content?
  • Where does your content come from... in-house,
    self-written, oursourced, third-party boilerplate?
  • What is your publishing schedule?
  • Is your content strategy mapped out to keep your audiences constantly engaged?
  • What do you want to do for your audiences... educate, enlighten, entertain?
  • Have you set objectives as to what you want them to think, feel, expect, do, or say as a result of reading or viewing your content.
  • Do you know how, where, when and why they are using your content right now, and what they talk about in their communities?
And Does Your Content …
  • Convey a sensitive, caring and passionate attitude toward your audiences.
  • Help them relate to it personally, with a little levity and enjoyment where appropriate, and appreciate how you can have a positive impact on their lives.
  • Address their needs, concerns, questions, sentiments, issues and goals…what keeps them up at night… what they fear… what they misunderstand… and what they’re unaware of that could hurt their lives.
​​ ​​

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