W ords Parishioners Applaud, Support and Act On

Hosted by George Miller
  Corporate Writer/Consultant  
Author of The Catholic Lector, The Uncommon Lector and
God Is My CFO


​ ​George, how do you work? 

Three ways... As a writer on call for projects you or your writers don’t have the time, experience or inclination to do — a coach to help your writers improve their skills — or a second opinion editor to critique your own writing and be a sounding board on projects you choose to do yourself.

​For starters, I'll want to know all about your church or organization.

Once we've defined the purpose and scope of your project(s), I'll prepare an agreement letter with my fees and terms for your approval. 
What are your terms?

50% deposit of the project fee with your signed agreement. Balance due at work completion. For projects longer than 30 days, you'll receive semi-monthly progress billings. If you cancel a project, all work done up to that point is payable in 15 days.  

What are your fees?

For your planning purposes,  contact me  for a schedule of estimated charges by project,
or request a firm project quote once your project is defined.

When do you begin work?

Upon receipt of your signed agreement letter and deposit, I'll then prepare a first draft of your project for your review and requested revisions if needed. All revisions for up to 60 days after the first draft are on my nickel. No added fees.  

How much time do you need to do a project?

10 to 15 business days on an average. For extensive work, I'll give you a time estimate. If you get in a crunch, I'll work with you; but if there’s not enough time for me to do my best work, I’ll politely pass on the project. 

​​I already have an agency. Can you work with them?

Certainly. I can either bill you direct or work as a sub-contractor through your agency, in which case they'd bill you for my services.
More Questions?

Contact me with your phone number and a good time to chat, and I'll call you.

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